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A new millennium imposes new requirements to cosmetics. Those days are passed now when we divided all cosmetics on make-up and care products.

In the last ten years double-purpose beauty products became the leaders of the market. Their main aim is to provide proper aesthetic effect and at the same time to take care of the skin, to moisturize, nurture or protect it from the negative environmental factors.

A perfect example of such philosophy of beauty experts is a series of Blemish balm creams by Mirra.


The combination of functions which seemed impossible before came true today due to the innovative solutions of the scientists and use of ingredients which are not traditional for such type of cosmetics. The combination of organic and mineral pigments (including a small amount of mother-of-pearl and innovative silicone microspheres) visually evens out the skin and provides a long-lasting make-up.

The matting complex containing mainly plant ingredients enables sebaceous glands function regulation and pores’ contraction. Polysaccharides extracted from the lentils reduce secretion of cutaneous grease and maintain collagen production. The rice powder makes the skin smooth and matte for a long time.

Antioxidative complex provides multilevel protection from the negative UV radiation. Specially developed pigments provide physical protection to the skin. A power complex of plant antioxidants activates natural protective ability of the skin.

A composition of essential oils of amaranth, jojoba and tamanu softens the skin, moisturizes it and slows down its aging. The cream-mousse contains a new ingredient in Mirra collection – a unique shea butter. Its components affect collagen synthesis and improve skin regeneration.

A moisturizing complex is the last word in biological technologies. The combination of natural sugars provides deep and long-lasting moisturizing.

A plant complex contains marigold extract, Echinacea, birch, rib-grass juice and peppermint essential oil and gently relieves irritation and improves skin’s ability to adapt to the environmental conditions.


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