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Cream mask with sturgeon caviar


Revitalizing components of red caviar homogenate, essential polyunsaturated acids of black currant oil, amaranth oil squalen and a special amino acids complex provide and intensive and comprehensive skin nurture. The extract of Asian centella and cypress essential oil stimulate collagen synthesis and improve microcirculation. The complex of powerful antioxidants prevents aging processes. An ideally balanced product significantly improves the condition of the skin, increases its elasticity, effectively smoothes out the wrinkles and makes the skin bright and beautiful.


Recommended for any skin type.


Red caviar – nurtures and restores skin

Extract of Asian centella - the source of magnesium and vitamins A, B, E

Amaranth oil – actively feeds the skin with nutrients

Black currant oil – enhances skin protective functions

Cypress essential oil – provides vessel-strengthening effect.


Feeds the skin with nutrients

Intensively restores skin turgor and elasticity

Gives energy

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