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ULTRA SOFT INTIMATE FOAM (with Chamomile and Boswellia)


Enjoy freshness and cleanliness every day and during the best moments in your life! The foam with chamomile and Boswellia delicately cleans the sensible skin of the intimate area and gives a long-lasting feeling of comfort.

Carefully chosen complex of soft surface active agents on the base of coco-betaine, glutamic and amber acid delicately cleans the sensible skin of the intimate area. Essential oil of sasanqua, extracts of Boswellia and lemon balm (melissa ) sooth the skin and relieve irritation. Chamomile extract, lactic acid and lactulose create an environment blocking the development of foreign microorganisms. Nice delicate foam is ideal for everyday care; it gives the feeling of freshness, security and comfort, and natural purity.

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