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Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin with Jojoba Oil and Alexandrian Laurel


Active humidifiers DNA and lactate immediately transferred and fixed the moisture in the skin. The complex is a liquid wax, jojoba oil, laurel lipids and fatty acids of linseed oil creates a water-holding layer and restore the disturbed lipid barrier. The cream softens beautifully and smoothes the skin and is ideal for deep moisturizing (put extra moisturizer - DNA from salmon milt). Aromatherapy is a complex of essential oils of orange, myrrh and peppermint.


Actively moisturizes the skin,
Strengthens its protective barrier,
Retains moisture for a long time


Emulsion base, Deionized water, jojoba oil, Alexandrian laurel, Vitamin F, sodium lactate, alfalfa extract, orange essential oil, essential oil of myrrh, peppermint essential oil, salmon milt DNA


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